Friday, August 21, 2009

Lindsay lohan breasts. Bomb.

Lindsay lohan breasts! here we go again and again and forever! Check new pictures here.

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Is this a normal dream? I had a dream last night that I was off the fight against Orc and Troll Mages Warlocks my 10ft. Post Tower casting spells. And then I looked about 20 meters, I saw Rachel McAdams naked on her knees made a spiritual dance, and I shot him through the chest with a rifle and began to suck and carressing more about her nipples and breasts while she was heavily bleeding from where the ball is out of his spine. She began to call 911 and ran to my office, where I kept all my memories of Lindsay Lohan, and threw the gun to remove the blood. Dina Lohan Then came along my room and I knocked on his face. Would you say that this dream is a normal phenomenon and is there a chance it could be true? It felt so real. serious answers only please, jokes and rude comments will be reported
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